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A true collaboration.

Noetic Places is a boutique property development business. We create unique places to live through empathy, insight and cooperation. We believe in the power of continuous incremental change to make a positive difference for people and for Hampton.

That’s why we develop with an inclusive approach. Whether talking with neighbours, listening to community feedback or holding town-hall meetings, we refine our designs and keep everyone informed to deliver the best possible outcome for all. 


Fender Katsalidis Architecture & Interiors

Founded on the philosophy of innovation through collaboration, Fender Katsalidis has evolved from a Melbourne-centric architectural practice, to a highly awarded, multi-disciplinary international design firm whose work now influences built environmental thinking across the globe.

Three Sixty Property Group

Three Sixty Property Group is extremely proud of its highly skilled management team. The diversity of skills and collective experience of the team ensures that every aspect of the business is governed impeccably. Our approach is continually evolving and advancing to keep ahead of the game.

Eckersley Garden Architecture

Established by iconic designer Rick Eckersley, with partners Scott Leung and Myles Broad, Eckersley Garden Architecture understands how space and facilitiy work together. We design for lifestyle and amenity, believing both form and function should be considered and neither compromised.

Noetic Places

At Noetic Places we work with empathy and insight to create mindful and unique places to live. For us, developing a place involves collaborating closely with our community and our team. We believe in the power of continuous incremental change to make a positive difference one brave step at a time.

Orchid Vue — Development Partner

Orchid Vue creates homes for people to share with loved ones. Its people care about more than just the built form. They believe the environment and community are central to delivering properties for families. The Orchid Vue Group began as a shared vision to enhance the liveability and luxury of residential homes for discerning local and international investors. Starting with luxury high-end residential houses, demand saw the group quickly evolve to high-end apartment buildings.

Seesaw Studio

Seesaw is an experienced strategy led, brand, digital and design practice. We bring clarity to brands through focused strategy, crafted design, intelligent storytelling and a relentlessly creative spirit. Our work is the fulcrum point between bold creative thinking and real business outcomes.

Fathom — Project Management

Fathom brings together a highly experienced team of professionals with a broad knowledge and skill base. Our long history in the property sector with expertise spanning all phases of the project life cycle make us the perfect partner or guide. Our dedication and commitment to our partners is our prime consideration in building successful projects.